Material And Handling Equipment To Assist With Safety Standards

In many industries there is a need to pay close attention to material and handling processes in order to keep employees safe from potential injury. This is especially the case in industries such as construction, where there is a lot of material handling involved, heavy and cumbersome materials and tight spaces to work in, as well as working at height. Working with a plant hire company can help achieve your desired high standards of health and safety, as they can provide you with a range of plant hire equipment, tools, and safety and operational training that minimises risks on site when handling and lifting materials.

What industries benefit from plant hire assistance for material and handling

There are a few industries where you could benefit from looking to plant hire services to help you with material and handling equipment, boosting your efficiencies and increasing safety standards. These include:

  • Warehouses – material handling equipment is used extensively within warehouses, quickly and safely moving goods and maximising storage space.
  • Manufacturing – material handling equipment helps with the assembly process, moving large and heavy components into place to ease the flow of production and minimise downtime.
  • Distribution – retail and distribution require assistance with managing order fulfilment and stock inventory, to improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • Construction – construction needs cranes, hoists, telehandlers, and other pieces of machinery and equipment to move heavy materials and equipment on site.

The benefits of material and handling equipment

Utilising the expertise of a plant hire company to assist you with your material and handling equipment brings a few benefits, including:

  • Saves time – forklifts, telehandlers, cranes, and other lifting equipment significantly reduces the time it takes to move heavy items on site, improving productivity and streamlining projects.
  • Reduce injury risk – using state-of-the-art equipment reduces the risk of injury, even down to small sprains and strains that manual labour can cause. 
  • Stable movement – lifting equipment provides a stable process to move heavy materials, minimising the risk of accidents on site.
  • Precise positioning – manual adjustments of even the slightest position of materials on site can cause headaches and delays. With material handling equipment you improve accuracy of positioning on site.
  • Increased capacity – load capacity dramatically increases with the use of such equipment, helping you to move greater quantities of material safely and at pace.
  • Adaptability – with flexible attachment potential, many pieces of plant hire equipment can be used for various tasks, improving efficiency on site.

Using a plant hire company to assist with safety standards

There are a few main reasons why utilising a plant hire service to help with material and handling will boost safety standards:

  • Maintenance and inspection – every piece of machinery and equipment that your plant hire company sends out will have undergone a thorough inspection between hires, ensuring high levels of maintenance and repairs for any damage. 
  • The latest models – the very latest models of fleet will be on offer, as the best plant hire companies ensure their fleet is upgraded and evolved over time, improving safety standards. 
  • Operator training – operator training is provided by plant hire companies, either on site, or through the use of virtual learning and guides that are easily read on site and can help with operational processes.

Working with a good plant hire company helps to improve safety standards across the board, none more so than when discussing material and handling equipment, where there are inherent dangers in every task.