Seedexp Pricing standard packed with freebies

The cost of doing business can often put a company out of business. So, when an ecommerce entrepreneur decides to enter the online retail market, cost is a top concern.

Business owners seeking to outsource order fulfillment operations have scores of supply-chain providers to pick from. But not all are equal when it comes to the cost of doing business.

Seedexp, an order fulfillment industry leader, not only can handle the entire process, but does so without gutting the budget of business clients.

“Trying to do an apple-to-apple comparison of services can be near impossible because of the incredible number of variables and different levels of service involved,” the company says on its website at “As a result, knowing which company provides the best value can be challenging.”


While some order fulfillment or third-party shipping suppliers are clear about the cost of their services, others make figuring out the amount hard to determine before signing on with them.

Seedexp makes it clear about the cost of its services. Business owners can access the company’s website and click on the pricing link at the top of the page to get an idea of affordability.

“Our complete transparency will provide you upfront estimate of how much you’d be paying, and our flexible pay-as-you-go plan will only cost you based on your usage,” the company says on its website. “We never charge any hidden fees.”

Assessing price

Falcon Fulfillment, a fulfillment and logistics company, offers itemized billing transparency, according to its website. But an option to find how much it would cost for services just by checking the website is not available.

In comparison, Seedexp and Deliverr both break down costs. And they both offer specific examples of how much it would cost business clients for a specific product.

On its website, Deliverr directs clients to enter their products to determine how much it would cost. And the company has condensed fulfillment costs, which includes shipping, pick, pack, packaging) into just two fees – Fulfillment and Storage. The per-item fees for fulfillment and storage are all-inclusive, the website states

ShipHype Fulfillment also shares cost with business clients. The prices are broken down into 4 fulfillment categories. Clients click on a service to find out how much the cost will be.

And, according to its website ShipHype’s service charges include storage fee, management fees, kitting fees, fulfillment pricing, receiving fees, pallet forwarding fees, and subscription prices to consider.

Customized plan

Seedexp has a customization plan that takes into consideration location of business, customer demographics, sales volume, types of products and storage needs. That information is used to come up with a base plan that is tailored to that business,

The company’s software, backed by AI and Big Data are used to analyzes information to help reduce cost to business clients. And the AI software is used to calculate what service the clients need and help to select the best shipping method, again to save on costs.


Partnering with Seedexp comes with a host of perks. There are free packing materials, free returns management, and free order management. The company does not charge business clients setup fees and offers free plain brown box packaging.  And service plans do not require usage restrictions, another way clients save money

And unlike some of its competitors, including Deliverr, there are no long-term storage fees. Deliverr charges long-term storage fees for items that have been in the company’s warehouses for more than a year.