How Modern Data Centers are Made Environmentally Sustainable?

In today’s digital world, data centers play an extremely important role. From data communication and storage to simply powering the base of everything, the Internet, and data centers prove to be the core of technology and communications.

While in the past, data centers were known to be unfriendly towards the environment and were just focused on technology. Today, with everything going sustainable, data centers too are being designed on the sustainable lines, powering both the environment and the digital world. 

In the following paragraphs, we will be highlighting how modern data centers are compliant with the environmental regulations and follow sustainable design techniques. 

Energy-efficient Systems

In a recent study, it was seen that data centers around the world have been using a bit more than 1% of the world’s energy consumption. With data centers increasing across the world over the years, the 1% energy consumption can rise at an alarming rate. As a result, most of the data centers managed by some of the biggest tech companies are moving towards energy-efficient methods.

As part of their cooling systems, data centers are using outdoor or natural air to develop a direct evaporative cooling technique. Not only does this do the job better than traditional techniques but it also saves a huge chunk of energy. Moreover, modern-day data centers are built at geographically able locations where the heat consumption and release are more or less proportionate, making the entire system more sustainable.

Conservation of Water

Data centers are known to use a lot of water as part of their cooling systems due to the extreme heat they produce. Overheating of the systems can cause a breakdown, which in, turn can result in a global disruption of digital world. As mentioned earlier, data centers are using more sustainable methods to resolve this issue, which includes actively using recycled water, where water management is carried out in-house for quick reusability.

Using Renewable Energy

The latest trends show that data centers have managed to reduce their carbon footprint to a huge extent by using renewable energy sources. Although a complex and tedious process, data centers have managed to tame both solar and wind energies to power the very core of the systems. This has allowed them to move towards sustainability quicker.

With all these sustainable methods in place, Stendel + Reich data center architecture solutions assure that your design plans are built exactly to match the needs of both your company and the environment.