Check Out the 5 Top-Notch Accommodation Options for Travel Nurses

Due to extensive job responsibilities, travel nursing comes with an excellent opportunity to explore new places. Travel nurses can pursue a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. 

But how about finding suitable accommodation that meets their needs – such as comfort, convenience, and affordability? 

In this informative blog post, we’re going to shed light on some of the most considerable accommodation options specifically for travel nurses. 

Option #1 – Furnished Apartments

Renting a furnished apartment is another primary accommodation option for travel nurses, offering them a home-like environment with all the essential amenities for everyday living. These all-inclusive apartments encompass everything, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and linens. So, nurses can settle in quickly without any need to shift utilities and other essentials.

Different websites specialize in real estate listings that frequently have dedicated sections specified for short-term furnished rentals. This way, you can find the best one that fits your travel nurse’s housing needs and preferences.

Option #2 – Travel Nurse Housing

The majority of platforms are putting efforts into connecting travel nurses by providing them with housing options based on their specific needs and wants. Furnished apartments, condos, and houses situated near medical and healthcare facilities are some of the housing varieties you can explore. 

It’s the best yet most convenient way for travel nurses to opt for the best accommodation that best suits their location preferences and budget constraints. 

What’s more, Travel Nurse Housing platforms usually offer listings that are synchronized with safety and convenience, giving them ultimate peace of mind during their working hours. 

Option #3 – Extended Stay Hotels

When we talk about providing comfort and convenience for longer-term stays, one of the best options can be extended-stay hotels for travel nurses. These hotels offer a wide array of facilities and amenities, which include kitchens and laundry facilities, and often provide weekly housekeeping services, too. 

Extended-stay hotels are usually situated near healthcare facilities, offering more convenience to them in terms of traveling and time-saving. If you are a travel nurse and looking for extended-stay hotels, you can also get discounted rates for long-term stays, making it a more cost-effective solution. 

Option #4 – Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals can be a flexible and most comfortable housing option for travel nurses as these offer a myriad of properties. Among these properties, there are cozy studio apartments and spacious homes available, often located in residential areas near hospitals or medical centers. 

In addition, vacation rentals offer facilities and amenities such as kitchens, laundry facilities, and essential utilities. Sometimes, travel nurses can also get additional perks such as private outdoor spaces or access to community amenities.

Option #5 – Corporate Housing

Corporate housing solutions providers also strive hard to offer fully-furnished apartments and homes for short-term rentals – another best option for travel nurses. 

If you are a travel nurse and decide on move-in ready accommodation, you can get everyday utilities, internet access, and amenities such as gym access or parking space. 

For travel nurses who prefer a smooth and comfortable rental experience without any administrative hassles that are usually linked with conventional leases, corporate housing is the good-to-go option.